Generic Clomid

CLOMID (clomiphene citrate) Instruction for use:

Clomiphene – an active substance of clomiphene citrate, belongs to the class of selective blockers of estrogen receptors.

The trade name of clomid is clostilbegyte.

The active ingredient “clomiphene citrate” binds to estrogen receptors, blocking the effect of estrogen in the body of a man.

Clomid, as we indicated above – is a selective anti-estrogen. This means that clomid does not work in all tissues of the body as tamoxifen drug.

The drug is active mainly in:

  • The pituitary body
  • Еesticles

In all other tissues of the body, the clomid practically does not manifest itself. Proceeding from this, the use of clomid in bodybuilding as an anti-estrogen on a course of steroids will be erroneous.

Before and after the course:

An active substance of Clomid is Clomiphene citrate – a highly effective drug for restoring the production of its own testosterone after a course of steroids. (anabolic steroids). By binding to receptors in the testicles and the pituitary gland, the clomid on the Post-course therapy breaks the negative feedback. (Estrogen acting in the pituitary gland, as it shows that there are a lot of sex hormones, and it is necessary to lower the production of testosterone).

Reception of clomid on the Post-course therapy, starts the process in the opposite direction.

  • We recommend using clomid after the course, only if the course included progestins – nandrolone, trenbolone. In all other cases, preference is given to Tamoxifen.
  • Until the course, taking Clomifene to prevent estrogen-dependent side effects, does not bring any practical benefit. In extreme cases, as an anti-estrogen on the course, use tamoxifen.
  • If you have the task to reduce the level of estrogen, “score” gynecomastia, use aromatase inhibitors on the course – buy Anastrozole.

The istruction for application after course:

Start the use of the treatment only when the steroid stopped to act in the body. You should not get more clomid citrate before the end of its action in your body. Restoration of the arc of the pituitary – hypothalamus – testicles in this case will not occur.

Since the prerogative of using clomid is given to courses involving nandrolone and trenbolone, we begin to take clomid:

  1. Trenbolone acetate – 2 days after the last injection
  2. Trenbolone enanthate – 14 days after the last injection
  3. Trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate (Parabolan) after 16 days
  4. Nandrolone decanoate – after 20 days
  5. Nandrolone phenylpropionate – after 6 days.