Clomid and Pregnancy

clomid and pregnancy
Clomid and pregnancy

What is clomid and how to use it properly

One of the most popular methods of treatment for doctors who do not know how to speed up the process of pregnancy in an impatient future parent is to stimulate ovulation. Most often – “Clomid”.

Often it is appointed without any grounds and any preliminary examination. Patients, as a rule, trust the opinion of the doctor and agree to any treatment, not having understood beforehand either the necessity of such treatment, nor in conditions and peculiarities of its conduct.

What is stimulation, why is it needed and can we do without it?

In modern medicine, ovulation can be stimulated by hormonal drugs if the woman does not have her own ovulation. It is important to remember that a single stimulation of ovulation with hormonal drugs has nothing to do with restoring one’s own ovulation in a woman. First of all, it should be noted that it is possible to restore natural ovulation only after finding out the cause of its absence and eliminating all unfavorable factors. And not in all cases, stimulation of ovulation can give the desired effect, if the cause of its absence was not previously established.

When making the diagnosis of “no ovulation” it is very important to remember that it should not be based on basal temperature (BT) charts – even for several observation cycles, not to mention a single study cycle. This is so wild a phenomenon in medical practice that it can not be criticized. In this way, a huge number of fake diagnoses are put and treatment is prescribed, which is not only unnecessary, but can also inflict enormous harm to an absolutely healthy woman. So put aside your charts and in no case even show them to the doctor – God forbid, he will start you on them “treat.”

The maximum, in what they can help – to push for additional examinations, if there are any doubts in the presence of ovulation. More serious conclusions can be made only after a comprehensive survey. For more information on methods of monitoring ovulation and identifying abnormalities, see our articles: – Favorable days for conception (review of methods for determining ovulation) – Ultrasonic monitoring (folliculometry). Special attention should be paid to the hormonal topic.

Often, doctors simply do not know “when”, “why” and “what” hormone tests they assign to their patients. And the most common mistake is progesterone. As a result, the woman handles the tests completely in those days, gets far from reality “results”, false “diagnoses” and harmful “treatment”, which she not only does not need, but can be dangerous to health.

But even if you are sure that you have given everything “correctly” and you really “have something wrong”, in this case all the tests must be retaken several times before making any decision. Re-sifting them is better at different times and in different laboratories.

However, do not forget that the level of hormones in the body is very unstable, and nutrition, stress and other factors can also affect the results. And it is not at all necessary that in another cycle the picture will be similar. In no case should it begin to stimulate, if the hormones such as thyroid hormones, prolactin and male hormones are not normal. Such violations themselves can prevent ovulation.

For a start, it’s worth bringing them back to normal – maybe no other treatment is needed and ovulation will recover itself. “Side effects” of stimulation Always remember that any medication is not just a “magic pill” to achieve a one-time (!) Result. In addition to tempting “pluses”, it can have various negative consequences (both short-term and long-term) for your health – GI and CNS problems, cystic formations, ovarian hyperstimulation, ovarian hypertension, hormonal disorders, early ovarian depletion (early Climax), overweight, multiple pregnancies.

The presence of problems with ovulation indirectly indicates the unhealth of the whole organism. So, with time the number of problems and “diagnoses” will only grow. Before you come to terms with your “unhealthiness” and decide on the need for stimulation as “the only and last hope,” consider alternative options for restoring health with natural remedies. Change your way of life, thinking, eating.

There are many ways of healing. Start to struggle not “with illnesses”, and “for health” (you feel a difference?). Then the result will not take long. If nevertheless it is decided to conduct stimulation, the first thing that needs to be done before the stimulation begins, and no matter what drugs are stimulated, it is necessary to have good (or at least – suitable for natural conception) fresh results of the spermogram of the husband on the hands.