Herbal Medicine And The Best Medical Herbs

herbal medicine
Herbal medicine

People do tend to shy away from herbal medicine. There’s this negative stigma around medical herbs, but you should seriously consider trying a few natural solutions for your issues. Have you heard that approximately twenty-five percent of drugs prescribed all around the world are made from plants? We can take a quick look at the WHO Model Lists of Essential Medicines to find that eleven percent (of over 250 drugs listed on there) are 100% made from plants. Whether you like or not, natural herbs are used to cure a great variety of issues, including infections, gastrointestinal problems, burns, headaches, tiredness and even something as serious as cancer.

Let’s mention some of the most effective healing herbs and their uses.

  • 1. Black cohosh. It’s used to help with menstrual cramps and arthritis.
  • 2. Catnip. It’s not for cats only, as it turns out. It reduces anxiety and tension, helps with an upset stomach.
  • 3. Elderberry. It’s the best treatment for colds and high fevers. Elderberry extract also has a remarkable antiviral property, meaning it can easily cure the flu.
  • 4. Horse chestnut. Used to treat varicose veins and other venous issues. It’s also very helpful in gel form: it can reduce swelling due to injury.
  • 5. Mullein. Helps treat cough and sore throat. These were just some of the most effective/prevalent herbals, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Now, let’s talk about all the benefits of herbal medicine.
  1. Price. It’s no big secret, modern medicine costs a lot. That’s why people turn to, say, rogue pharmacies operating over the internet. There’s a much safer and efficient way to save your money: purchasing medical herbs.
  2. Easy to obtain. As you know, most drugs require a prescription. Herbs are classified as dietary supplements, so don’t have to be approved by the FDA. You can find herbs in stores and supermarkets, they are incredibly accessible.
  3. They do work. Herbs have incredible healing properties and you can’t deny that fact. They are used for the treatment of a great variety of conditions, both serious and common.

The main takeaway from this article is this – herbs are both accessible and effective. They’re incredibly cost-effective and are used to treat a variety of health-related issues. However, there are some things you should be mindful of: a) herbs are best used for prevents rather than treatment b) they may cause allergic reactions/interact with some drugs. So, in short, herbs are not 100% perfect, but they are a great option nevertheless.